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What more can I say - Lucy is amazing... (concert report)  (topic)
(I intended on posting this Friday but was unable to because of computer issues. So, here it is. I'll be posting more of my con report today or tomorrow, I hope). Anyway........ What more can I say - Lucy is amazing......
Convention Hall

Aurora Goddess

02/04/08 3:45 PM
my adventures at my first con  (topic)
Pictures to come soon on my website. I had a ball with some performers. At the breakfast Karin and I had fun with Daniel Sing and Brittney Powell (no not what you are thinking about!) Daniel Sing is station in Auckland/NZ and that...
Convention Hall


02/01/08 2:29 PM
Photos and report from a weekend in Burbank  (topic)
I had a lot of fun this past weekend at the convention taking photos. I didn't have the ability to take great photos at the last convention that I was at so I was excited to get the chance to take some great photographs during this...
Convention Hall

Aurora Goddess

01/31/08 2:50 AM
My First Convention Report: part one  (topic)
***Note: Most of my photos are crap, so please excuse them and bear with me, and follow the links I put in from auxip for better ones! thanks! My Convention Report: Tales from a virgin (a con virgin, that is!) Thursday: My 10...
Convention Hall


01/29/08 11:23 PM
XOC artists sweep the music video awards at the 2008 burbank con!  (topic)
I've already mentioned this in my convention reports but thought I would create a separate thread. Several video artists from XOC have won in the 2008 Burbank convention video contest! The very first video shown was the one of...
Convention Hall


01/27/08 1:13 PM
Burbank, Day 2: Lucy and Renee, Ted, David Taylor, Liz and RJ  (topic)
And now, Day 2 of the con. I was a little late today and missed the start of David Taylor's talk, as well as an Ares music video. (It happened to be our very own Xedra's "Anything Ares can do, Xena can do better" --...
Convention Hall


01/27/08 11:47 AM
Burbank 2008 -- the first report!  (topic)
Hey guys, It's been a long day but I thought I'd share my first report and pictures from the Burbank con. The day's official events opened with a couple of videos that had won in the convention video contest. And guess...
Convention Hall


01/26/08 2:37 PM
Burbank - writers march  (topic)
Hi all, I have some pictures up on my site from above mentioned event. They're here.... May get some Lucy & Renee ones up tomorrow. Will let you know! Cheers Leigh
Convention Hall


01/26/08 6:36 AM
Burbank ticket for sale  (topic)
A friend of mine will not be able to attend the upcoming Burbank con (you know-the one starting in about eight days) and so we are flogging off her ticket. It's in row D, in the left hand section off the center aisle. Near the far...
Convention Hall


01/18/08 6:02 AM
XOC meet up  (topic)
Darlings, As I will leave on 22/1 for Burbank and will have no further internet acces I just wanted to know how far we are with the XOC meet up. Wouldn`t miss this. So can somebody for when it was scheduled and who is coming to it?
Convention Hall


01/16/08 11:58 AM
Roxy 2008 - floor seats added for Vip tickets  (topic)
There are now also VIP seats on the floor in the Roxy this year. Got an email from Creations in which they ask me to choose for the elevated or floor seats. First comes, first served. The email arrived overnight 1 am and due to time...
Convention Hall


01/16/08 11:56 AM
Burbank Con - info regarding pre-registration  (topic)
As I ordered international all my tickets are held at the doors (golden tickets, Renee ops, bus ticket and Lucy concert). I saw on Creation that on Thursday night there is a pre-registration for the Golden tickets. Is this the moment...
Convention Hall


01/09/08 5:49 PM

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