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Dbzxenaman's Walls/Request Update: 09/04/12 (Xena Related Art)  (topic)
Hello Guys,                      My other thread got lost and with broken links so I thought it'd be nice for a fresh start with a...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


09/21/09 8:40 PM
LadyRowan's Artwork Thread  (topic)
I thought I'd get brave and start an actual artwork thread of my own. Perhaps it will motivate me to be more productive, again! My newest wallpaper (click to enlarge): "Everything For Eve" Xena Wallpaper:...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


08/15/09 1:19 AM
*TranceGem's Art Thread *27.04.11 wedding album*  (topic)
Feel free to take what you want, just tell me what you take. Requests are welcome. I do Gifs, walls, images, icons, banners (I do, do videos but more time is needed for them). Give credit where its due!!GifsFirst day (Xena...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


06/17/09 10:04 PM
Ches' Art/Poetry (UPDATED 5/30/10- 5 Walls/1 Banner)  (topic)
I figured it was time to post my own thread for my art and poetry. Please let me know what you think. Also, now that I have become very comfortable with this program, I will be taking requests so feel from to fill out this form if you...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


06/08/09 4:23 AM
Tala's Art Gallery (UPDATED 05-06-09) (topic)
Hi! Welcome to my very own art thread. At the moment i'm not making a lot of Xena related art.. but i'll try to add all my banners/icons/walls (at least the Xena ones) here or i'll post them later.Most of my other art can be found at...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


01/04/09 1:20 AM
Sammie's Temple of Art  (topic)
I AM WORKING ON THIS TOPIC Hello everybody !I started this gallery here, because I like making fan art fromXenaverse, StarGate, Lois & Clark or other stuff ... I would like to show you my art. I will be glad if you will...
Alexandria Library & Gallery

Samantha Majka

11/29/08 10:39 PM
Xena Scribbles  (topic)
Hi all! Heres some of the Xena related drawings I've done over the years. Hope you like! More at http://s101.photobucket.c.../Xebecatt/Xena%20Artwork/
Alexandria Library & Gallery


09/11/08 7:33 AM
Paint Xena!  (topic)
Altho this is still Xena related, it is very Off Topic, so I hope its OK to post here... Basically I got some inspiration from another thread, where someone used Paint to draw Gabrielle. And I thought it might be fun if everyone was...
Alexandria Library & Gallery

Hippy Amazon

08/10/08 8:53 AM
Artwork and requests  (topic)
Welcome!! I figured I'll post some of my work and see what you guys think Unfortunately, due to a computer crash, some of my work was lost, so I apologize I couldn't show more If anyone likes my work, I will be taking...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


08/03/08 10:25 PM
ROC Wall  (topic)
Alexandria Library & Gallery


07/08/08 7:01 PM
New Walls Update 6-25-08  (topic)
Alexandria Library & Gallery


06/22/08 3:32 PM
Artwork by Angelique?  (topic)
Um Ive been trying to find any other artwork by an artist called Angelique, but I cant seem to find anything anywhere, Ive tried all the avenues I know about. I was just wondering if anyone happens to know where I can find her...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


05/06/08 12:54 PM
New Work:3/8/08  (topic)
Alexandria Library & Gallery


03/09/08 1:58 AM
New Lucy drawing  (topic)
Alexandria Library & Gallery


11/09/07 3:20 PM

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