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What Are You Reading Right Now?  (topic)
Last week, I decided that I was tired of suffering from the autoimmune disease, Unproductive-boredom-itis and picked up a book out of my collection called False Memory by Dean Koontz. I havent been able to put it down and I am nearing...
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11/24/09 7:02 AM
Who's your favourite author ?  (topic)
Hello! I was posting in the "what are you reading now" thread and I saw that many people read books. So I had an idea and I started this thread. Why not post the name of our favourite author? Perhaps there are a lot of books...
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07/23/09 6:12 PM
New novel by old fan fiction writer  (topic)
Because several people on this forum have been kind enough to recommend my Xena fan fiction, I wanted to let people know that I have published a book, a trilogy actually, called When Women Were Warriors. It isn't Xena, and it...
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10/29/08 10:43 PM
Good Fantasy/Adventure type Books?  (topic)
Hey There, I've bee looking to find some books to read and I am hoping you might be able to help me. I'm a bit finicky with what I read, I'm mostly interested in Dark Fantasy/Adventure type books. I recently read John...
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Hippy Amazon

08/23/08 11:59 PM
Alright then.  (topic)
Ok. Tomorrow, a book that i have been waiting to come out FOREVER is going to come out. It is the last book in the Twilight series, and as happy as I am to finally reach an ending to the Bella and Edward awsomeness that is Stephenie...
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Adela Rose

08/01/08 3:59 PM
The Most read genre in XOC  (topic)
Ok Guys, answer me this, I want to know your favourite genre to read and why. Personally, I am between three of them Fantasy Sci-fi and Gothic - I find alot of the time they overlap
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01/10/08 7:44 AM
Mythology resources  (topic)
I've been reading one of the "standard" works on mythology, one which I had not previously encountered. This is A Handbook of Greek Mythology by H.J. Rose, one of those British university professors who specialize in that...
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01/03/08 6:27 AM

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