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PLA: Our January/February Mission. ALL members welcome.  (topic)
Hello Potadeian Liberation Army Members, I am aware that we have no had many events in recent times, and I thought a way of introducing our new members is by having a mission and competition. This mission is to rather information on...
Army Stomping Grounds


01/03/10 5:32 PM
All Armies: Shipper/Subtexter?  (topic)
I was just curious who is in which army as far as "ships" go. I tend to see a trend of subtexters joining PLA, shippers joining XTW or AoX, but I know there are variations on this theme. So, please vote and explain if you...
Army Stomping Grounds


09/04/09 7:35 PM
AoX Xena Meditational Video - "To Battle"  (topic)
Troops, I have lovingly prepared a video for you of Our Lord preparing for battle and kicking all sorts of ass.� When you watch it, think about how great Xena is, of course, and how much we are at Her mercy, for She can kill everybody...
Army Stomping Grounds


03/22/09 2:06 PM
XTW Beer Brewery - All armies invited to compete!!  (topic)
As Beer is the drink of choice in Australia and two of our more productive members are Australians... I have acquired a beer brewery... the XTW is now in possession of the only brewery on the board that produces our very own beer.... its...
Army Stomping Grounds


03/16/09 11:37 AM
Question about band of misfits  (topic)
Hello my Misfits Friends I would like to know everything about the misfits...because it confuse me when I don´t know it. It there a different between Misfits and Xena and Gabrielle Band Of Misfits ? And what kind of ,,army ´´ is...
Army Stomping Grounds

Samantha Majka

07/12/08 9:18 AM
ASG Forum Rules & Army Information  (topic)
XOC Board Rules for the Army Stomping Grounds Forum: 1) There must be no personal slams, insults, or attacks against other posters even within the game. Other verbal sparring is permitted as long as it is clearly in game. i.e. It's...
Army Stomping Grounds

Bluebell XWP

03/31/08 4:03 AM

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