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The 'Gabrielle Becomes The God of War's Warrior Queen' Ficathon  (topic)
The 'Gabrielle Becomes the God of War's Warrior Queen and Then Breaks the News to Xena' is the actual title, but it seemed too long. Your hosts are absolutelybatty and lovedust!This idea was born of a quick comment from MoyCullen and...
All Ships Ahoy


01/30/10 4:31 AM
Which Couple Has More Passion?  (topic)
Hey Fellow Shippers, I have been thinking about this topic and want others opinions. Which couple Xena/Ares or Gabrielle/Ares has more passion? Which has more love/hate? Which Ship do you think could work out? Why do you feel this way?...
All Ships Ahoy


01/26/10 9:44 PM
Video: Gabrielle/Ares-Hurricane  (topic)
Here's my first attempt at a video. I hope you enjoy. Vimeo uploaded it in better quality, so here's the link. ��
All Ships Ahoy


01/11/10 8:44 AM
Ficlet: Heat of the Moment (Gabrielle/Ares)  (topic)
Title: Heat of the Moment Pairing: Gabrielle/Ares, obv Setting: Post-Sacrifice Notes: Special thanks to gravitystar for being my beta and to Aresbitch for inspiring me to try a post-Sacrifice fic of my own....
All Ships Ahoy


06/23/09 10:09 PM
Gabrielle/Ares episode poll  (topic)
Poll time. This one is all about your fav G/A ep and the possible subtext that it contains. Obviously certain eps will have more subtext than others (SOF vs. AUS), but this is all about choosing your fav one overall. Ideas, theories and...
All Ships Ahoy


06/21/09 9:09 PM
Ares/Gab shippers...  (topic)
Just wanted to tell you all there was an Ares/Gab video at the con. It was shown as part of the Kevin Smith tribute. The song was "I've got a brand new girlfriend" -- sadly I can't remember who the artist was ... I...
All Ships Ahoy


01/31/09 10:13 AM
Gab/Ares wall  (topic)
From the livejournal of gracent dic. (click for full size!)
All Ships Ahoy


08/09/08 11:24 PM
Gab/Ares, you say? here's some (semi)canon proof!  (topic)
From the 1998 book Everything I Need to Know I Learned from the Warrior Princess, a collection of (ahem) authentic... or at least, officially licensed... interviews with Gabrielle, Bard of Potadeia! And there you have it ......
All Ships Ahoy


07/25/08 12:13 AM

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