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Powerful New Xena/Gabrielle Fanvid: "Don't Let Me Down" (topic)
Can't stop re-watching this new fan-vid from my BFF fellow Xenite. Superbly done, just hits you in the gut with all the times Xena & Gabrielle went to the mat for each other. Gripping choice of music. Take a look!  Cross-posted to...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


06/03/16 3:41 PM
I Discovered A Piece of my art being sold at eBay  (topic)
Today I discovered this piece of my art being sold on eBay without my permission. There's a post about it on my Herc blog if you want to read it. The seller says it's not signed, but actually it is with my old sig on the...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


07/03/10 3:02 PM
A Art Question............  (topic)
Okay fellow artist, the question is simple. What sites do you post your art at?
Alexandria Library & Gallery


04/21/10 11:08 PM
Terpsichore's XOC Gallery [Taking Requests] *Updated 9/25*  (topic)
Terpsichore's Art GalleryAnai says (7:27 PM): hi I am Terp I am cool Dulcie thinks so too so I am not the only one that thinks this so here is my galleryHi everyone! Welcome to my humble art collection. I've been...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


04/01/10 3:37 PM
Golden Chakram Art Awards November '09 - Despair PART 2  (topic)
As I am sure you are aware the entries for the despair section of our awards are in, however the entries for bronze were tied, so this poll is your chance to decide which entry gets this award. Vote away!! Click the images to see them...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


12/02/09 11:43 PM
Tilde's art Gallery  (topic)
I thought it was time for me to have my own little gallery here so here we go! Xena related: (walls/banners/avatars) XG AFIN wall Ares God of War wall Callisto/Ares - Love to hate each other (Request from Buffy) XG AFIN wall...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


09/28/09 7:34 PM
"The Golden Chakram" Art Awards 09-10 *Added August Winners*  (topic)
Hello XOCers, Nuhajalal and I will be hosting several contests throughout the year for all XOCers, in the months of August, November, February and May - 3 months apart. As most know there are already contests in the ASG, we are hoping...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


07/12/09 5:01 PM
*TranceGem's Art Thread *27.04.11 wedding album*  (topic)
Feel free to take what you want, just tell me what you take. Requests are welcome. I do Gifs, walls, images, icons, banners (I do, do videos but more time is needed for them). Give credit where its due!!GifsFirst day (Xena...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


06/17/09 10:04 PM
Ches' Art/Poetry (UPDATED 5/30/10- 5 Walls/1 Banner)  (topic)
I figured it was time to post my own thread for my art and poetry. Please let me know what you think. Also, now that I have become very comfortable with this program, I will be taking requests so feel from to fill out this form if you...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


06/08/09 4:23 AM
WarriorQueen's Art (UPDATED 09/14/09) ~ *BRAND SPANKIN NEW* G/A Manip  (topic)
My artwork pile seems to be growing and growing so I just decided to put them all up in here instead of making idividual threads. I'm still just a beginner, so any tips or anything will be a great help. I hope you enjoy my graphic...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


05/23/09 12:31 AM
Tala's Art Gallery (UPDATED 05-06-09) (topic)
Hi! Welcome to my very own art thread. At the moment i'm not making a lot of Xena related art.. but i'll try to add all my banners/icons/walls (at least the Xena ones) here or i'll post them later.Most of my other art can be found at...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


01/04/09 1:20 AM
I Have a Dream...PROJEKT  (topic)
I'm assuming this won't even get read but by some off chance that it does I just thought I would share since you and who you are one of the major things that helped inspire it. LATEST BLOG ENTRY FROM SHADOW...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


12/02/08 10:25 AM
I need to rant!  (topic)
As we all know, as artists, whether amateur or pro, we all have pride, and ego, and sometimes it borders on arrogance. And maybe it IS my arrogance talking, who knows. I just can't help from being mad. No, not just mad, I'm...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


11/13/08 5:13 AM
My First Banners/Avvy's  (topic)
So I thought I'd have a go at making some banners and stuff, because I love all the others I see on here. I'm no pro but heres what I came up with. Hope you like them. And feel free to use them if you like them. Kizzy xxx...
Alexandria Library & Gallery

Kiera Rose

06/09/08 11:23 PM
My attempts at Xena art (updated 19/2)  (topic)
Alexandria Library & Gallery


05/11/08 10:26 PM
My attempt at a Xena wall  (topic)
I thought I'd have a go at making a xena wall. And here it is. Not all that brilliant hehe I just love the comic book pictures of her. So I put them all together. Hope you like it. Kizzy xxxETA: Its a bit fuzzy because yuku...
Alexandria Library & Gallery

Kiera Rose

05/11/08 12:35 PM
Roman art from the Louvre  (topic)
This is an exhibition going on at the Seattle Art Museum ( through mid-May. It is a must-see, what with full-sized statues of the real Augustus and Livia, plus all sorts of artifacts, mosaics, sculpture and the...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


03/19/08 5:01 AM
My D'Anna Biers drawing  (topic)
Well my friend Michael surely inspires me. Because of >him< I spent another two or three hours of my life drawing D'Anna Biers from Battlestar Galactica. More precisely, this was my reference. Can't say I'm satisfied...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


03/12/08 9:25 PM
Lappy's Art **Updated: 2.11.08**  (topic)
Well I decided, actually Star decided for me to start posting my art that I've done over the years. I've painted some of them and I haven't really done any Xena related ones but I'm working towards that. I really...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


02/08/08 7:29 AM
My first banner / sig thingy...  (topic), after much agonizing over my computer and playing with my photo program....this is what I came up with. It is nowhere near what I've seen others do....but I just wanted to try my hand at it!! I would love some feedback,...
Alexandria Library & Gallery


01/23/08 9:53 PM

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