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The 'Gabrielle Becomes The God of War's Warrior Queen' Ficathon  (topic)
The 'Gabrielle Becomes the God of War's Warrior Queen and Then Breaks the News to Xena' is the actual title, but it seemed too long. Your hosts are absolutelybatty and lovedust!This idea was born of a quick comment from MoyCullen and...
All Ships Ahoy


01/30/10 4:31 AM
FF: G/A PWP - Passion for Another  (topic)
I have no idea where this came from, but once I had started I was urged by certain people to continue. Summery: When Xena goes to talk to Gasgar during OAHAF, Ares suggests something to Gabrielle to help them both with their...
All Ships Ahoy


09/16/09 6:37 AM
Fanfic: A Choice (Gabrielle/Ares)  (topic)
This is for the G/A Fanfic Challenge. *pimp pimp* Seriously, check it out. Ok, here we go: A Choice Pairing: Gabrielle/Ares Setting: A Good Day from season 4 The sunset was red, bloody. It stretched across the...
All Ships Ahoy


07/28/09 10:16 PM
Gabrielle/Ares Fanfic Archive Thread  (topic)
I thought it might be nice to have one thread that provided links to all the G/A fics that have been posted here at XOC. Might make things easier for people (for me at least). Might also inspire people to go and write some G/A fic...
All Ships Ahoy


07/04/09 8:40 AM
The first "All Ships" fanfiction challenge! -- Jan 20 deadline  (topic)
Howdy, folks. We're currently having an interesting fanfic challenge in Shipper Talk and I got the idea to expand it to All Ships. Here's the challenge: New fanfic challenge: post-Sacrifice Basically, it grew out of a...
All Ships Ahoy


11/27/08 5:51 PM
Looking for a G/A story with some action?  (topic)
Just remembered this one from way back. Never Forget (NC-17. Definitely. Graphic sexual content. Basically a PWP, but with just enough psychology thrown in that it's a little more than "just sex." )
All Ships Ahoy


08/23/08 3:29 AM
Bitexter fanfic ideas  (topic)
Hey guys, As some of you know, I've written a bitexter fanfic, Equal to the Gods, with a Xena/Gabrielle/Ares love (and sex ) triangle. A lot of people have been asking me for a sequel and I've been getting ready to start it....
All Ships Ahoy


02/03/08 5:05 AM

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