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A Xena Convention in Europe  (topic)
Dear friends Xenites,Today, we have decided to make a special announcement about a project we have been working on for a long time now.As we know it, lots of European Fans are hoping for a Xena Convention to be held in Europe someday. A...
Convention Hall


08/09/11 4:30 PM
Xena-Immortal Comic  (topic)
The Official Comic of Xena-Immortal This comic has been created by myself (script) and Aphrodian (drawing) for Xena-Immortal.The story of the comic takes place after the end of the show, when Xena makes her ultime sacrifice and...
The Xena Scrolls


04/05/10 6:11 PM
Xena-Immortal  (topic)
Xena-Immortal I open this topic to introduce to you our French Xenite Community. Everyday, I am receiving questions about our board and website, and I'm going to answer you here. It will be also the thread where I will give you the...
The Xena Scrolls


04/03/10 6:38 PM
I Love Yooooou  (topic)
Hi everyone, I just wanted to stop by and say I love you all I've realised how lucky we all are to have such an amazing community of lovley people on here! I always assumed that any fan forum would have a good atmosphere because...
The Campfire

Kiera Rose

10/11/08 10:25 AM
Forum Rules and Army Information....  (topic)
has been posted and can be found at the top of the page. These are board sanctioned rules specific to the ASG and will be enforced by the mods (myself, brabs, LadyKate and Jenn (xwpweb)). If you have any questions or concerns, please...
Army Stomping Grounds

Bluebell XWP

03/31/08 6:28 PM
ASG Forum Rules & Army Information  (topic)
XOC Board Rules for the Army Stomping Grounds Forum: 1) There must be no personal slams, insults, or attacks against other posters even within the game. Other verbal sparring is permitted as long as it is clearly in game. i.e. It's...
Army Stomping Grounds

Bluebell XWP

03/31/08 4:03 AM
Hercules forum or subforum?  (topic)
Hey guys, We'd like your input on some forum business here. When we first started the "new XOC" in May 2003, we used to have a Hercules: The Legendary Journeys forum. However, it never had much traffic and we started...
Xena Polls Archive


01/08/08 6:23 AM
Vote for the Shipper Quote! (take two)  (topic)
Because the other poll is no longer a poll, I figure we can just start over. So, these are our choices: #1 Ares: "Yeah, well, I kinda liked that Xena." Gabrielle: "Did you? Then why are you so obsessed with who she...
Shipper Talk

Aurora Goddess

12/19/07 8:25 PM

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