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Love and illusion  (topic)
Quite a few times, I've come across statements that love is based on illusion -- on idealizing the person you love and seeing in them qualities that they don't have. (Personally, I think this describes infatuation, not real...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


06/16/08 2:59 PM
Do the Captiony Thing! (June 5th '08)  (topic)
Here you go, a double feature! You know what to do!
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


06/05/08 4:15 AM
How did Xena know...  (topic)
...that Ares would show up to stop her in Looking Death in the Eye from stabbing herself with her sword? I mean, if her and Gabrielle had planned to fake their deaths, she had to have known he would stop her or her death would not have...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


05/17/08 11:24 PM
SPECIAL EPISODE CHAT TODAY at 4pm EASTERN - Old Ares Had a Farm  (topic)
Old Ares Had Farm --- I'm pretty sure we didn't do this episode last week... so just to keep with our schedule we'll be doing OAHAF Saturday at 4pm Eastern! We'll also do it again Sunday at 6pm! Jenn
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


05/15/08 10:59 AM
A little question about Xena's trademark weapons  (topic)
Aha! I tricked you! It's actually many BIG questions! So yes, about her infamous Chakram and her incredibly dented sword... Where did they come from? LK and I have been discussing this, and she told me that Ares had stolen the...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


04/23/08 12:24 AM
Do the Captiony Thing! (Apr. 15th '08)  (topic)
Here's a toughie, but a fun one to look at.
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


04/15/08 2:44 PM
Crazy People Have A Point...  (topic)
Hey, I just had a bit of a brain wave!! It seems to me that sometimes when the furies have done their dirty work, the crazy people actually talk a lot of sense! I watched 'Coming Home' last night. And although Ares is crazy...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1

Kiera Rose

03/24/08 2:31 AM
The Future of Ares in relation to an EvilXena.  (topic)
It's a What If scenario, but I'm sure you guyses don't mind. It could be interesting to discuss. Imagine the show as it was with all the characters and relationships it had (Gabrielle, Joxer, Cyrene -what I'm getting at...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


03/12/08 8:25 AM
Nominate Ares episode  (topic)
March 16 is Kevin Smith's birthday. I think it would be a nice way to honor him, by nomiminating an Ares episode to chat about during the regular episode chat (which would be Legacy).
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


03/03/08 2:09 PM
Ares impact on Xena  (topic)
Leave your subber/shipper and everything in between boots at the door, this is a barefooted shipless discussion. I don't want an objective perspective, but I think this is a discussion that will work best if we try to stay away from...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


02/28/08 7:31 PM
In memory of Kevin Smith  (topic)
Six years ago, tragedy struck the Xena and Hercules fandom. The Xenaverse lost one of its brightest stars -- Kevin Tod Smith, who played Ares on Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Young Hercules, as well as...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


02/15/08 10:09 AM
Would Ares have given up his Godhood...  (topic)
...if the situation had been slightly different. I mean, if say Xena managed to kill Athena before Eve died, and therefore was no longer in mortal danger herself, would Ares still have given up his Godhood (baring in mind they had to...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


02/10/08 1:36 AM
"No greater sacrifice": Gabrielle in IOM and Ares in Motherhood  (topic)
I don't recall how exactly I got on this train of thought a few days ago, but here is something that struck me... Does anyone else see parallels between Gabrielle's actions in Ides of March when she starts hacking away at the...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


02/06/08 11:15 AM
Write to Creation for a Kevin Smith/Ares tribute at the Xena cons!  (topic)
Hey guys, As you know, this past year I have finally gotten into the Xena convention scene. It's been great and I have enjoyed it a lot, but one thought that has added a touch of sadness to this wonderful experience is that Kevin...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


02/02/08 2:11 AM
Joxer and Ares - WHAT IF?  (topic)
Haha, bet you thought this was some type of shipper didn't ya? Well, it is in a way, but then it isn't, but stick around and I'll explain. The other day, whilst taking a bath, I started thinking about Xena. Yes, I...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1

Meg the Tramp

01/20/08 9:54 PM
2008 XOC calendar (January-May) now available in Alexandria Library/Gallery!  (topic)
Hey guys, As some of you already know, Aurora Goddess and I have been working on an XOC calendar (featuring montages from the show and the birthdays of XOC members). Just wanted to let you know that the pages for January through May...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


01/17/08 11:13 AM
Xena Lovers video - Done  (topic)
I was gonna post this in the alexandiran library, but since so many people showed their interest Im gonna post it here. There is a lot of *ehm* you know in the video. And As much as I would have liked to include gabby more in the...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


01/07/08 7:06 PM
Announcing the 2008 XOC Video Contest!  (topic)
Okay, prizes will be determined at a later date. It'll be something Xena related, for sure. Anyways: Entry dates are January 15. We'll have a 16 date voting period until January 31. On February 1, we'll anounce the...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


12/12/07 4:52 PM

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