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The AOC wishes Hudson Leick a Happy Birthday!  (topic)
Happy Birthday Hudson Leick! The AOC celebrates Hudson Leick's birthday today (May 9th)Thank You for bringing our beloved Callisto to life.
Army Stomping Grounds


05/09/11 5:54 PM
100 (AND More) Reasons Why We Love Warrior Queen Goddess Callisto  (topic)
100 (AND More) Reasons Why We Love Warrior Queen Goddess Callisto Open Thread for all of ASG Members, to post reasons why they love Callisto.One Reason per postPhotos are encourage Try to number them (please)HAVE FUN 
Army Stomping Grounds


09/27/10 11:26 PM
ITS TIME FOR ANOTHER AWESOME ASG GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESULTS ARE IN! (also contains another announcement)  (topic)
Attention all lovely people in the ASG and even those not so lovely people HAHAHAHAIts been a while and with a sudden resurgence of the need for a distraction i bring you another MG inspired crackpot scheme.Thats right folks.Now i've...
Army Stomping Grounds


07/20/10 2:40 AM
Okie folks so now that that game has finished lets begin another.The title speaks for itself. BATTLE OF THE ONE LINERS.Each army posts one of their patrons one liners in this epic battle.Show off your Patons wit, intelligence and...
Army Stomping Grounds


06/01/10 3:08 AM
AOC - All AOC members please read - Important!  (topic)
Now that I have your attention ...I started this thread for two reasons:1. I want to see how many active AOC members we have. -- And --2. On March 4th the AOC turns 3 years old. I would Leick to celebrate the month of March, but I need...
Army Stomping Grounds


02/04/10 12:13 AM
A Little gift for the AOC  (topic)
Click here for Original Size! If you have a little gift for Callisto this christmas, post it here!
Army Stomping Grounds

callisto the suffering

12/22/09 3:30 AM
New Cirra - Rebuilding Callisto's Home  (topic)
Fellow AoC'ers, We have a monumental task set before us. Our Goddess has asked us to rebuild her sacred home land. As we know, Cirra was burned to the ground by Xena. We are to rebuild Cirra and call it New Cirra. One of the...
Army Stomping Grounds


12/05/09 5:03 AM
Happy Halloween ASG  (topic)
Its early I know but I thought you'd get more usage of these walls if posted early. Happy Halloween XTW/AOX: PLA: And the best army AOC:
Army Stomping Grounds


10/12/09 12:19 AM
Callisto Quotes  (topic)
Evil Xena has one. Gabrielle has one. Now Callisto has a quote thread. (Yes I was inspired by these) Callisto had some of the best lines in the show! Let's show our appreciation for The Warrior Queen by quoting her. Post any...
Army Stomping Grounds


09/07/09 4:57 PM
XTW information desk for newbies and wanderers is now open!  (topic)
Dear newbies and wanderers, Are you considering joining the ASG? Having trouble choosing an army? Questions about the way things work around here? Are you trying to figure out the difference between the XTW and the AOX? Don't know...
Army Stomping Grounds


08/21/09 5:24 PM
AOC - New HQ  (topic)
I present our new AoC HQ Here is an exterior view . . . and a night time view . . . This is the hallway leading to one of the rooms . . . One of our fine rooms . . . Our dining area...
Army Stomping Grounds


08/10/09 4:55 AM
The Callisto who Stole Christmas  (topic)
I thought Callisto needed a thread for Christmas... I found this while surfing... Enjoy! ************************************************************************************************************************ Subject:...
Army Stomping Grounds


12/25/08 3:53 PM
AOC Art Contest (Updated 12/25)  (topic)
Fellow AoC'ers and those that wanna be . . . members of AoC, Guardians, and allies can submit entries into this contest. (In hopes of getting more entries, I expanded this to include more people. I hope that is not against the...
Army Stomping Grounds


12/05/08 6:40 PM
Callisto's latest mission: A report  (topic)
Callisto has just returned from her latest mission ... barely. She went on a mission to find Holiday Road. After listening to her story and viewing the evidence, it's a miracle that she made it back. (well not really, but I...
Army Stomping Grounds


05/01/08 3:31 AM
100 (or more) reasons why we love the Warrior Queen Callisto  (topic)
Well ... I figured what the .... I mean why not? Ok, I'll go first... #1. Her wickedly fun sense of humor.
Army Stomping Grounds


04/07/08 4:37 AM
The Temple of Callisto  (topic)
At last! A temple to the Warrior Queen! This is the place to worship Callisto and revel in the awesomeness that is The Warrior Queen Callisto! Callisto? Where are you? Hmm... I'll bet she is still hanging out in Xena's Temple.
Army Stomping Grounds


01/21/08 2:07 AM

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