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Callisto/Ares Shippers?  (topic)
Any Callisto/Ares shippers?
All Ships Ahoy


02/08/11 1:53 PM
Xena/Callisto  (topic)
Xena/CallistoDoes anyone ship it? I can understand the hesitation with shipping Callisto with anyone, but I was going through some old artwork of mine and stumbled upon this: ( ) --it's...
All Ships Ahoy


10/25/10 3:51 AM
Different Pairings Seasons?  (topic)
Different pairings seasons? Anyone think about creating new virtual seasons, for different pairings?For example Gab/Ares SeasonsXena/Borias SeasonsCallisto/Ares Seasons
All Ships Ahoy


08/06/10 2:55 AM
Crazy Ships  (topic)
Ok, this is the first topic I've ever made, becuase I have to ask. I was going threw some of the topics here, and I found some pretty interesting ship ideas. I can understand some of them, but others, no offence, are completely...
All Ships Ahoy


09/13/09 3:22 AM
Callisto and Ares  (topic)
Hm you never see much about this couple I've noticed. I of course was a X/A shipper however with some persuasion I've grown to see the hotness...of the C/A relationship i wrote a fan fic a while back and made a...
All Ships Ahoy


02/22/09 12:00 AM
Callisto and Hope  (topic)
Do you think a romantic entanglement could have ensued with Callisto and Hope!?!
All Ships Ahoy

Hippy Amazon

09/10/08 3:02 AM
101 (or more!) reasons for All Ships Ahoy  (topic)
So, we've had a series of "101 reasons" threads lately -- starting with 101 reasons to love Callisto, then similar threads for Gabrielle, Ares, X/A, and subtext. I think we need one in All Ships too. So here are the...
All Ships Ahoy


06/20/08 7:31 PM
Callisto/Ares fan! good video  (topic)
All Ships Ahoy


05/19/08 9:51 PM
Ares/Callisto shippers...  (topic)
Just curious, in what way do you support this pairing? Do you simply enjoy their chemistry and the adversarial relationship they had, or do you think they could have made an interesting couple on the show? If it's the latter, do...
All Ships Ahoy


12/25/07 1:52 AM
Your favorite "other" ship?  (topic)
All Ships Ahoy


12/18/07 5:13 PM

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