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What ep is this picture from?  (topic)
Hey guys, this is probably in the wrong forum or something but I just need help finding which ep this pic of callisto is from. Its a hercules episode right? I'm making a music video about Callisto you see and that would be a great...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1

Kiera Rose

04/29/08 2:40 PM
Do the Captiony Thing! (Apr. 24th '08)  (topic)
Oy, sorry I've been laggy guys. Exams. 'nuff said. Here's a new one!
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


04/24/08 12:44 PM
What if Callisto...........  (topic)
What if Callisto change side and teamed up with Xena & Gabby after ANE? I post my response later.
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


04/19/08 9:16 PM
What if Callisto killed Xena?  (topic)
This was actually brought up by LyricSplat in the Theodorus rate-a-character thread, but Splatterly is shy about starting a new thread, so... I'll do it for her. Suppose Callisto had actually succeeded in killing Xena -- let's...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


04/02/08 3:23 AM
Return Of Callisto Opinions  (topic)
Ok so this is about the only Xena thing that myself and my besty ever debate over. Just thought I would find out what others opinions are about the situation. Towards the end of the ep, when Xena chases Callisto down in the chariot,...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


02/08/08 12:40 PM
looking for a callisto youtube video  (topic)
this summer i found this callisto video on youtube that was wicked awesome, but i was looking for it today and i can't find it anywhere. it was set to the dr. who intro song, unfortunately for some reason i didn't put it in my...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


01/19/08 11:15 PM
Callisto and Hope  (topic)
Sort-of inspired by the "Why did Gabrielle kill Hope" thread, but I had been thinking about this for a while. What do you think was the relationship between Callisto and Hope? Were they simply using each other, each for...
TXS Archives - 2008 - 1


01/17/08 3:44 AM

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